Veggie sandwich at #Potbelly! Artichoke, hummus, tomato, peppers, mushrooms, and cucumber. So good. #fitspo #fitblr #fitspiration #fitfam

Sent to me by a dear friend. #reunitedanditfeelssogood

This morning’s breakfast smoothie: frozen banana, mango, canteloup, pineapple, cucumber and yogurt. #recipeoftheday #fitfam #fitspiration

Thiiiis guy!!! #Kenny #cateyes

Sushi sampler for late lunch #yum

Ahi tuna salad. #fitfam #fitspo

I am not the type of person who wants or expects gifts, but I must say, this year I have been so very, very blessed with all of your love and kindness and generosity. I have received beautiful gems and bracelets and dinners and even an incredible 60 minute massage… but this may very well be the most significant gift of all; a charm to add to my Tiffany’s bracelet with M to represent my brother… “Because you know he is always with you.” Thank you, thank you, thank you. 💜

Errmahgash. I can’t stop cheesing!

Moki wasn’t entertained by the smell of cat on me last night and looked at me with such disapproval!! Lol #youmadbro


It’s a process
It’s a process
It’s a process
Change takes time

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